We Are

Award-winning filmmakers obsessed with detail, creative solutions and perfection.

Asa Esa Films was founded in Kuching, Sarawak, as a professional film company motivated to revolutionize the film industry.

Through our own brand of interpretation, we take the colours of creativity and life, and reflect them as high-quality original films and creative content.


We Do

Corporate Videos

We use the best visuals & sound to showcase your company’s identity for branding & recognition.


Filming & Production Services

We develop concepts and ideas into stories with meaningful visuals.


Advertising & TV Commercials

We produce advertisements & TV commercials across all categories for businesses, service providers & products.


We bring your imagination to life with 2D/3D cartoons, Computer Generated Imagery & other visual effects.



We are a film distributor & video production company that also produces drama series & TV programmes for local & overseas channels.


Digital Marketing

We deliver ideas for targeted markets and audiences.