Asa Esa is a Malaysia-licensed film company in Kuching, Sarawak. Our professional filmmakers have over 19 years of experience in film-making.

Our services include: filming, video production, animation, corporate videos, promotional videos, short films, advertisements and commercials, as well as documentaries. We also provide pre- and post-production services such as concepts, video editing, motion graphics and more.

Our team of filmmakers, videographers, editors, animators, graphic designers and talent always ensure that each frame in our work is perfect. No matter how much work or how hard it gets, we do it just because we want to see you succeed.


Our Service

You Speak, We Listen

Filming & Production Services

We record and convey the most essential things in life that could be felt with the hearts through the arts of visual to the others.


Corporate Videos

Lending sound and visuals to the identity of your company can be the ultimate push for your business to gain traction and recognition, be it a private company or government sector.



We produce commercials for business, services providers, products and services of all categories, from concept to script development, cinematography to editing and post-production services.


We can transfer imagination into a reality through 2D and 3D effects, Computer Generated Imagery (CGI), cartoons and other visual effects.



We are not only a film distributor and video production company in Kuching, Sarawak, we also extend our service to produce drama series and TV programs for local and oversea channels.


Script Authoring

Have some idea but can’t get the whole picture out? We are able to create a story out of your idea.